Mindset First Podcast 2.0

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After a month hiatus, the Mindset First podcast is back and it’s being revamped to help you go deeper to uncover your mindset blocks, experience shifts and share the stories from others like you who have conquered their mindset challenges.

On this episode, I talk about why I’ve decided to shift my focus a bit on the podcast and some of the things I’ve been experiencing that are driving me to have more real and meaningful conversations with you! Tune in and I hope that you walk away with a little bit more excitement about what this podcast can do for you – and what you can do for the audience you serve today!


In this episode…

Welcome back to the Mindset First Podcast! 0:00

Do you see your own greatness? 5:31

Seeking outside ourselves for enough ness. 9:31

Fulfill your life. 12:54

Find your own greatness this week. 14:21


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