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So, how do you succeed in business when no one else looks like you in your industry. That’s the question my guest Samar Owais tackles on today – she is a self described brown, Hijabi wearing, non-native English speaking Muslim woman who has found some impressive growth in her field, but it hasn’t always been easy. Today we talk about the unique challenges she’s faced in business, her own head trash around it and some of the strategies she’s used to get ahead.

I’ve known Samar for a few years now and to watch her grow has been impressive – not naturally quiet or shy, watching her step into her own self – unapologetically has been something fun to witness. I think she was perhaps reserved taking the world in as we all sometimes do – but now, she boldly and proudly talks about who she is and what she brings to the table.

Whether you’re Muslim, brown, white or something entirely different – the biggest takeaway from this episode is how to really stand in who you are – no matter how different the world you live in might feel.


In this episode…

How do you succeed when no one looks like you? 0:00

Why this difference is so important. 12:30

Client relationships when no one else looks like you. 14:44

Setting boundaries with yourself around who your clients are. 16:30

How Samar used her belief in what she’s doing as an anchor navigating the business world. 18:58

The support Samar turned to during the head trash days. 21:57

Samar is the role model for those breaking ceilings. 23:59

Does Samar still have her head trash? 26:39

What can the world learn from Samar’s personal experience? 27:55

What Samar is hoping to share with her daughters. 29:39

What’s next for Samar? 32:32



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