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Whenever I bring up the word responsibility in my coaching groups and workshops, I can hear the audible sigh that instantly follows. It’s almost like the word responsible has become a dirty word – and it definitely carries with it significant weight.

None of us wants to think about taking more responsibility in our life – because let’s face it, between our work, personal life and listening to our friends – we have already taken a lot of responsibility.

But what if understanding responsibility in a whole new way was the key to finding the freedom you desired in your business and in your life. It can be. In fact, when I learned to take radical responsibility for my life and my choices, I discovered that I suddenly had the power to change the way my life looked. It definitely changed how I felt about myself and my self-worth. In fact, the conversation around responsibility is often the turning point for many of my clients in our coaching sessions. And it can be for you too.

I am excited to turn you on to the idea of radical responsibility and how it can change your life!

In this episode:

What does taking radical responsibility look like? 0:00-2:58 

The word responsibility and what it really means. 2:59-5:02 

How we give our power away by not taking radical responsibility. 5:02-5:29

What does being radically responsible for our own lives mean for us and our business? 7:30-12:26 

How to take radical responsibility over your life. 12:26-19:27 

What are incompletions and how do they negatively impact your mindset? 19:29-21:26 

Commit to radical responsibility today… and share! 21:47-25:00 


Victor Frankl

Debbie Ford


Unstoppable by Linda Perry


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