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Today’s podcast is going to get very meta.

I initially invited Jude Charles onto the podcast to talk about how to leverage video storytelling to scale your business, but we quickly dove into some pretty deep topics surrounding the building of our businesses and the mindset stories we tell ourselves that hold us back. We even then talked about how we sometimes forget to share those stories of pain, hardship and discovery when we tell our stories to our audience – and that can be a real disservice.

Jude is incredibly thoughtful and clearly good at his craft because his own story of building an incredibly intentional business where he actually takes only 5 clients and two months off out of the year might surprise you. I know that I learned so much about my own storytelling and how I can improve it when it comes to the way I share myself – I know you will too. 


In this episode:

Jude Charles and how he started his business. 0:00 – 3:52 

The background behind Jude’s business and his success. 3:52 – 5:32  

Jude talks about what it means to be an intentional business owner. 5:32 – 12:20  

How did the repossession of his car become his business’ catalyst? 12:20 – 15:34  

Docuseries and how they play apart of Jude’s business. 16:32 – 19:44  

Why do we miss cohesiveness in our businesses? 19:44 – 23:09  

How Jude faced burnout and how to overcome burnout as a business owner. 23:09 – 32:32  

How first jobs play into owning a business today. 32:32 – 40:01  

The small moments that bring your business to life. 40:01 – 45:29  

How to leverage your business through storytelling. 45:30 – 49:09  

Where to connect with Jude. 49:09 – 50:00 





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