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As a continuing series focused on improving our ability to sell as a service provider, I invited my friend and colleague Kathe Crawford to today’s podcast because she has such an ease around sales that I find infectious. Kathe is a business & sales strategist, master life coach and author who helps entrepreneurs, service providers, business owners identify the gaps and opportunities needed to increase sales, create clients and increase revenue.

One of my favorite things about this episode is that Kathe talks about some simple, yet often skipped over ways of attracting clients and tapping into forgotten resources that can help you generate business quickly. Instead of always focusing on a business built on tech and platforms, Kathe talks about how we can focus on the relationships and networks, we already have to build our business – which can feel like a relief to anyone who has really struggled with building a business according to online marketing plans.

We talk a lot about how we can quiet the noise and really tap into selling in a way that feels more comfortable and confident. I’m excited to share Kathe as part of my ongoing Mindset First Podcast sales series.


In this episode:

  • Kathe’s introduction to sales and selling. 3:30
  • Gaining the confidence to break into the sales industry. 7:45
  • Honesty with your clients in sales. 9:10
  • The switch from selling products to selling services. 11:45
  • Where does the sales process begin? 16:45
  • Breaking down the bigger picture of your sales goals. 19:35
  • The first steps you can take to get started selling. 25:30
  • Where to find clients and start conversations. 27:30
  • The importance of actively listening in conversations. 33:20
  • Going into a sales call with confidence. 36:30
  • Your number one goal in the sales call. 39:30
  • Viewing objections as an opportunity to engage your prospect. 44:15
  • The dangers of discounting. 49:10


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