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On today’s episode, I geek out on a topic I could spend hours talking about. How do you read your prospective clients to improve your sales? So let me be super clear. This isn’t about manipulating or trying to control people. This episode is about how you can better understand what your clients are really looking for instead of applying a bunch of sales tactics you’ve read in a book that might actually be turning off your prospective customers.

Look, sales is really about engaging in a conversation and seeing if what you have to offer is right for the person you’re trying to sell to. And all too often, it can be hard to even get to that spot because we have so many things that are getting in the way of having a real conversation.

This episode is all about learning how to read your prospective customers in a new way that allows you to better listen and adapt to what’s really happening in that sales conversation.


In this episode:

  • How Linda used to view and approach sales conversations. 2:30
  • How do we shift the way we think about sales? 5:30
  • Learning how to build a mindset of understanding. 8:15
  • The beliefs and fears your prospective customers already have. 11:50
  • Addressing your customer’s preconceived ideas and building a connection. 14:30
  • The beliefs that your customer may have about themselves. 18:25
  • A few tips for identifying your customer’s internal beliefs. 20:15
  • What is your customer’s big goal? 25:00
  • Qualifying your prospects as a good fit for your business. 27:00
  • Instilling confidence in your potential customer during the money conversation. 29:45
  • The key pieces to remember for your next sales call. 34:45


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