Episode #48: How Careful Listening to Your Client Can Improve Your Business

by | Jul 13, 2021

Episode #48: How Careful Listening to Your Client Can Improve Your Business

by | Jul 13, 2021

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One of the first skills you learn when you’re training to be a coach is how to listen better. We all know the importance of listening to our clients and really pausing to hear what they have to say. But most of us really struggle to stay present during conversations with our clients or our audience members.

I can remember when I was training as a coach thinking I’d be an ace at listening because I spent so many years as an attorney listening in court. But boy was I wrong. Listening, I mean real listening, without agenda or predetermination or bias, takes some real skill. Something I still work at years later. And it’s something that you can improve on and will help your business grow so tremendously.

So today in the Mindset First Podcast, I sit down with Sara Frandina, who’s a conversion copy writer with an insatiable appetite for learning, all of the books, and popcorn. I mean, I’ve actually seen her dive into popcorn, so I know this is true.

One of her super powers is really translating the thoughts and stories of others into meaningful insights that fuel empathy based marketing and communication for her clients. Today, she sits down with me and we talk about why it’s so important to really listen to your customers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer, a coach, or just any other business owner. Listening is truly the key to growing bigger and serving your customers in a better way.

This topic is truly one of my favorites. And Sara does such an incredible job of providing some important insights of what gets in the way and how we can listen better. I really hope you enjoy this episode. So tune in.


In this episode:

  • The importance of voice of customer research. 4:00
  • Confronting what you’ve been told marketing should look like. 6:00
  • Why you want to change the way you’re listening to your audience. 8:20
  • Using your audience to help determine your strategy. 10:00
  • What gets in the way of real, honest listening as a business owner? 13:00
  • Identifying your own biases when you’re communicating with your audience. 18:25
  • Using listening as a tool to grow your business. 22:30
  • Integrating voice of customer research into your business every day. 27:45
  • Little opportunities to touch base with your clients that you might be missing out on. 30:00
  • Letting go of what you “should” be doing. 32:45
  • Taking these listening skills and applying them to other relationships in your life. 35:30


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