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Are you putting yourself out into the world and building your authority? Today’s guest is a copywriter and launch strategist who has been a part of my membership and my mindset programs. She recognized that she was busy getting others’ messages out into the world, but not her own. After spending over $10,000 on programs that still didn’t get her out there and building her authority, Patti decided to create the Authority Project as a way to say yes to every authority building project and see what would happen for her business.

My guest Patti Haus shares what happened with this experiment and also gives some tips on how you can get started and see big results in your business. So let’s get started.


In this episode we talk about:

  • The power of networking and building relationships. 3:15
  • Redefining how you think of networking and your own worth. 5:00
  • How to follow-up after a networking event. 17:30
  • Networking during the time of COVID. 22:00
  • What it means to analyze the health of your network. 29:00
  • How to move past your mindset blocks around networking. 34:00


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