If you were given the EXACT code to scale your business, without bumping up against the head trash that holds you back,

Work with clients you love and still have the freedom & flexbility to enjoy your life. . . 

. . .Would you finally commit to building the business that could actually generate 7 or 8 figures?

The REAL Reason You Haven’t Cracked the Code.

If I were to ask you what’s keeping you from being as successful as you could be – like mid-six, seven or eight figure success – chances are you’d tell me that it was a combination of factors.

You’re buried in client work and don’t have time to work on business development, you need a team to help you, you don’t have enough money, there’s a recession (haven’t you heard, Linda??) or you just don’t know where to begin to take things to the next level!

And there would likely be some truth to your story.

But what if that isn’t the real reason you’re not where you thought you might be? What if your success has nothing to do with what you’re experiencing, but everything to do with who you’re being and how you’re thinkging?

The truth is most you likely went into business thinking that success would be fairly easy and that you’d be answering calls from a hammock on the beach.

Yet, that’s not the reality you’re experiencing.

Instead, you find yourself taking clients that aren’t always ideal – just to meet financial needs. You work days, nights and even weekends. You could use help, but you can’t even get out from under to get your systems set up to scale properly.

Not to mention the negative self talk that loops inside your head, telling you you’re . . .

  • Not good enough
  • Not unique enough
  • Not as good as others
  • Bad with money
  • Bad with systems
  • Bad with sales
  • Never going to get past where you are now! 

Running a successful business should be more rewarding (and lucrative) instead of always feeling like you’re bumping up against the same limitations and never feel like you’ve fulfilled your personal impact.

I used to scoff at mindset – thinking I would never need to work on that. Well, you can probably figure how that turned out… I became the typical entrepreneur stuck in a worker mindset, procrastination, and perfectionism without even realising they were mindset traps. I felt stuck.

Now, after The Success Code, my vision is clear and I know exactly how to get there. Plus I’ve been storming through mindset issues and uncovering blocks I never knew I had.

Linda is known as the best for a reason. Work with her immediately.

Nicola Moors

Copywriter, Business Owner

Stop Pushing Heavy Doors & Find a Better Way

You likely started your business with the best intentions.

You had visions of building your empire – serving your audience better than your competition, being present for loved ones, getting paid more than you did in the corporate world (which was never enough anyway) and Friday’s off every week!

But let me ask you . . .

When was the last time you actually took Friday off?

The reality is you’re constantly feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to do (or aren’t doing), worried about your pipeline of customers, and serving your customers –  all the while feeling someone – anyone – is about to find out you’re a fraud. 

It’s like you’re always trying to push open heavy doors that don’t want to budge.

It can be exhausting.

You wish someone could just show you where the open doors are so you can crack your own code to success.

But here’s the thing – it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve learnd in order to have the kind of business you’ve always dreamed you have to do two things:

1) Get out of your own way

2) Take the Right Actions that support growth

What you’re currently doing isn’t sustainable and if you’re here,  you likely know you’re the bottleneck to your own growth. You also know that no amount of doing more, course-taking and waiting for “someday when things are less chaotic” is going to get you where you want.

I do too – because I used to be you.

Hi I’m Linda Perry!

Mindset Coach & Business Strategist (and recovering attorney)

Like you, I started my business to be my own boss, but after building momentum and initial success, I found myself working non-stop, people pleasing and undervaluing myself.

I followed what the experts told me to do to grow, but found myself bumping up against the same limitations without building any real momentum.

Working endless hours, taking clients that weren’t aligned with my vision and never really having the ability to build my business with any real foresight, I felt exhausted and disappointed.

I believed I had to struggle to be successful.

And even though I was a mindset coach, I still found myself caught up in the traps of working too hard, putting my business last and missing the key ingredients to help me grow and scale.

I was unhappy, stressed and not a ton of fun to be around.

So, here’s what I did.

I put on my attorney hat to think 12 steps ahead and put on my mindset hat and called myself out on my own B.S. 

I challenged my beliefs, fired clients not aligned with my vision and implemented four key strategic steps required to scale my business properly – visibility, offers & sales, systems & processes and execution.

The result? I cracked the code to bigger success and living a great life. And now. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Introducing The Success Code

Crack the Code to Your Own Success

Part mastermind, part learning lab, The Success Code is a 6 month growth accelerator that will dismantle your mindset blocks while providing you with clear, implementable steps to grow your business using four key strategic principles: visibility, offers & sales, systems & processes, and execution.

–> Some growth accelerators programs tackle only mindset.

–> Others tackle the strategies to help you grow.

–> Fewer yet tackle accountability (and staying on track).

The Success Code tackles them all!

Ditch Your Annoying Head Trash

Using my proven mindset framework as the foundation, we’ll uncover the key mindset challenges that have kept you from cracking your success code share and the tools to move past them. We’ll examine fears, limiting beliefs, procrastination, boundaries, money mindset, self-worth, the someday fantasy and more!

4 Key Strategies for Growth

When it comes to growing your business there are four important areas that will help you reach bigger goals faster. They are visibility, offers & sales, system & processes, and execution. As you turn down the noise in your head you’ll apply the strategic steps that make the biggest difference (and do it your way). Reclaim your time and find greater freedom each week.

Be Supported to Stay On Track

If you’re a small business owner than you already know what it’s like to feel like you’re doing this on your own. Get the support you need to move past your comfort zone, uncover new opportunities and stay committed to the parts of your business that matter most! Instead of falling behind, you build consistent momentum.

Be Your Own Success Programmer

Most business owners never get past the growth stage (aka the $100K ceiling) and get mired by long work hours, half-completed processes and a pipeline that sometimes draws in the wrong clients. Learn how to bust through your limits, say no and build the business you’ve imagined in your head.

When I joined The Success Code, I was a hot mess of self-judgment, perfectionism, and shoulding all over myself. Linda helped me to see how many of my personal narratives were just stories. I learned how to step back and look at things more objectively. And by doing that, I gradually became more confident recognizing my wins and going after bigger goals.

To get past your head trash, you have to really start paying attention to the things you’re telling yourself all day long. It’s challenging work. Linda does an incredible job of helping you drill down to the core issues you’re facing, with empathy and compassion. And you’ll be supported by a community that cheers you on and helps you realize that you’re not alone.

If you’re facing mindset issues in any area of your business, you need to work with Linda.

Chris Collins

How The Success Code Works

Grow your business, make more money and find the time to enjoy your life without overwhelm & worry. Each week you’ll receive live coaching and recorded trainings to help you implement the business development strategies you’ve been talking about for months (or even years).


Live Weekly Coaching

We’ll meet each Wednesday at 9 am PT/12 pm ET for a 90 minute live coaching session to fill your mindset toolbox and help you overcome challenges (including monthly hotseats)


Community & Sharing

You’ll be able to share your wins, ask questions and get access directly to me between sessions on the Upcoach Community Platform. This is a place for us to stay connected and build momentum.


Strategic Growth Plan

Follow my clear framework to help you crack your personal code to succes (no group think here). Implement strategies and shift your mindset challenges, real time. With exercises, resources and assessments to help you take action!


Weekly Trainings On Upcoach

All course content will be hosted on the Upcoach Platform and will include weekly business development lessons, exercises, implementaiton steps and habit tracking.


Lifetime Access to All Materials

Because sometimes you just need to hear things more than once,  you’ll have lifetime access to all material included in this program. Past students have returned to help them keep growing in specific areas.


Weekly Accountability & Tracking

As your coach, I’ll help hold you accountable to do what you say you’ll do and keep track of where you’re going. I’m not afraid to genty call you out and bring you back to your personal vision and goals.

A Program that Delivers Results

In their own words . . . 

Sarah Greesonbach, Founder of B2BWI

Belinda Weaver, Copywrite Matters

Kerstin Sheppard, Lemur Communications

Where Will You Be IN 6 Months?

If you’ve been telling yourself that 2023 is the year you bust through your limits, The Success Code can help you get there! Follow clear steps scale your business as you dismantle your mindset blocks, you’ll discover how easy it is to finally have the business of your dreams!

Here’s a month-by-month breakdown of what we’ll be doing!

(please note: for the months that have five weeks, the last week will be an integration week).

Strategic Lessons


Live Mindset Coaching


Month One: Uncover a Clear Vision and Identifying Your Growth Plan

During this first month we will explore the importance of your vision, values and goals to growth

  • Week One: Your Success Blueprint (BE DO HAVE)
  • Week Two: Promises Assessment & Incompletions
  • Week Three: Integrity and Keeping Your Word
  • Week Four: Hot Seats

Month Two: Developing Your Visibility Strategy

Visibility isn’t only social media and speaking, we’ll explore the right way. tobe visible for your business

  • Week One: Resistance & Fear
  • Week Two: Resistance & Excuses
  • Week Three: Resistance & Judgment/Blame (Use Discernment)
  • Week Four: Hot Seats

Month Three: Clarify Offers & Building a Sales Funnel

Even if you have offers, we’ll re-examine offers to determine if they’re ripe for growth and optimize sales funnels for consistency of growth.

  • Week One: Limiting Beliefs
  • Week Two: Scarcity v Abundance
  • Week Three: Money Mindset
  • Week Four: Hot Seats

Month Four: Establish & Document Your Systems & Processes

Without clear systems and processes it’s impossible for your business to grow and gain real financial momentum. Learn how systems & processes will buy back hours of time!

  • Week One: Conditioning (Underlying Commitments)
  • Week Two: Boundaries
  • Week Three: Responsibility
  • Week Four: Hot Seats

Month Five: Execution and Becoming The CEO of Your Business

You have great ideas, but don’t always execute on them. Or worse, you’re stuck in worker bee mode and can’t get to the activities that make you more money. Learn key strategies to execute.

  • Week One: Self Worth
  • Week Two: Who Not How
  • Week Three: Zone of Genius
  • Week Four: Hot Seats

Month Six: Implementation & Staying On Track With Growth

During this last month, we’ll reflect on the strategies that work and the long-term implementation plan and structure you’ll follow to achieve bigger & bigger goals.


  • Week One: The Someday Fantasy
  • Week Two: Procrastination & Perfection
  • Week Three: Structure & Self-Honoring Practices
  • Week Four: Hot Seats

. . . AND when you register, you’ll also receive the following Bonuses: 

Bonus One: Your Success Blueprint

Having a life and business is more than simply cutting out pictures from a magazine. Learn how to get specific about what you want and what you’re building!

  • Discover What YOU Really Want
  • Move Beyond Blocks & Gain Clairty
  • Understand How to Anchor Into Vision
  • Set Better Goals that You’ll Achieve

Bonus Two: Private Coaching Session

Join me for a one-on-one session via zoom to be used at any point during the six months to help clarify, bust through stubborn blocks or simply brainstorm on strategy.


  • Sixty Minute Session 
  • Great for Times When You Need Support
  • Can Be Broken Into Two 30-Minute Sessions

Bonus Three: The Fast Cash Workshop

Although there are no shortcuts to long-term growth, the Fast Cash Workshop will help you brainstorm to help you pay for your investment in The Success Code!

  • Brainstorm Options & See How You’re Leaving Cash On the Table
  • Identify 5-10 Ways to Increase Revenue by January
  • See How to Use Your Established Network for Support
  • December 14th Live – Will Be Recorded

The Following Bonus Is Only Available November 21-25th . . .

Early Action Bonus: The Enneagram Session

Understand how to use the Enneagram to grow your business and bust through challenges you experience in your business. Uncover how the core personality you developed can be both an asset and a hindrance. We’ll also review how you can use the Enneagram to magnify your strengths, build a team, improve focus and gain clarity on where you want to go next.


  • Understand how the enneagram and your limiting beliefs work together
  • Discover how to structure your business based on what works best for you
  • Learn your growth path to achieve more in life and business

Get Started Now and Finally Crack the Code to Your Success

The Success Code Kicks Offs Off January 3rd (1st Live Session, January 4th)

Choose from a One-Time Payment or 6 Payments of $584.00


Have I Mentioned There’s Zero Risk For You?

I believe 100% in what I’ve built and I know that it can help you change the way you run your business. Instead of worrying about whether this is a right fit for you, I offer a 100% money back guarantee. 

Yep. Even if you’ve gone through the course.

I’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked . . . there’s only one catch. . . you have to show up and do the work. That’s it. I’m sure you get that because I only want people who are 100% committed to growing your business by putting in the time to dismantle your mindset blocks and put in the strategic steps to grow.

Need Help Ordering or Have Questions?

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us:

Become A CEO, Not An Order Taker

Linda is who you need when you are stuck in the same place with the same garbage running through your mind every minute. Just a few minutes of Linda’s insights and my mind whirls with the possibilities. She has a way of getting to the root of the problem in a really empathetic way. In The Success Code, I could see my confidence growing week after week. I became my own biggest cheerleader and I was excited for the future of my business.

Patti Haus

The Authority Project

I completed The Success Code while pregnant with my fifth child (we call him the mindset baby)!

The Success Code has been transformative for me in many ways. I got a lot of answers to my questions about how I want to work, how to increase my prices and what I want to do next. I’m more aligned with my values and I’m ready to implement the structure and improve my processes and systems so my business can flow smoothly. I am ready to become a CEO instead of an order-taker.I highly recommend The Success Code.

You will be another person once you completed this course. 

Irina Iurcisin

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Start and End Dates for The Success Code?

The next round of The Success Code will begin January 3rd (with our first live session January 4th). You’ll receive your first week of online material on the day the doors open. Each subsequent week, you’ll receive new strategy material in the portal on Monday by 10 am PT/1 pm ET

Live Mindset Coaching sessions shall be held every week – on Wednesdays at 9 am PT/ 12 pm ET. The program will last 6 months and we will have periodic integration weeks so you can work on material and integrate new mindset tools (integration weeks will occur during the 5th week of the month where there are 5 weeks in a month). 

How much time will I need to devote each week?

At a minimum you’ll need to carve out at least 2-4 hours each week to the material in this program. 

Live Coaching Sessions: 90 minutes weekly

Online Lessons & Videos: 20-30 minutes weekly

Exercises and Action Steps: 60 minutes weekly

This program is designed to be an active learning lab and help you get past the blocks that have consistently stood in the way of your growth. Please keep in mind that you will have lifetime access to the material so that if you want to go back and use certain methods for other aspects of your business, you may.

Will I have access to you throughout the program?

Yes, you will have direct access to me through the weekly live coaching sessions and you’ll be able to get support via our our platform community channel.

How many people will be in this program?

This program is designed to be limited so that you can get the attention you need to grow. There are a maximum of 12 spots available.

I’m worried about confidentiality, can you assure me what I share will remain within the group?

Confidentiality is incredibly important. At the beginning of the program you are asked to verbally commit to myself and the group that you will keep all communications private.

It has been my experience that the groups in my coaching programs tend to bond quickly and form lasting friendships based upon the shared stories and experiences.

What if I'm just starting out? Is this program for me?

Frankly, no. This program is for anyone who has developed a business but keeps bumping against limitations or are looking to scale, but aren’t exactly sure how to get to the next level.

There are a different set of mindset challenges that arise during the growth stage that might not yet be present for you in your business. 

I've tried other things, how do I know this is for me?

If you’re willing to change, then you’re in the right place. 

The truth is that my methods have worked for hundreds and hundreds of people and they can work for you too! They are designed to help you tap into your subconscious programming and help you rewire the pathways and messages you’ve received (and replayed) that hold you back.

One of the reasons I offer a liberal guarantee is that I know my methods work. If you’re wondering how this program can help you, you may schedule a call with me to go over how this coaching program might apply to your business.

What if I've worked through most of my business challenges like visibility, or offers, should I still join?

You may find that you struggle more with visibility whereas others struggle with sales. The success of this program lies in your willingness to look at all parts of your business and see how they interact with each other – and especially how your mindset blocks affect each of the four key areas of scaling and growth

You will benefit from all of the material, regardless of your challenges – it may simply mean that some weeks will be “easier” for you to move forward and you’ll see greater advances of growth in your business.

How do I access the program material?

Each week you’ll join me for a live mindset coaching session via Zoom. All sessions shall be recorded and replays will be available in the student portal.

You’ll also have weekly material, including videos, exercises, resources and assessments uploaded to the portal for you to review. 

You’ll also be required to submit a Sunday Accountability Check-In with me so that we can assess your progress and keep you on track!

I have a team, can I share the material with them?

Great question. This material is designed to be for the individual business owner, but if you have a team you would like to help support your growth, we can discuss how you can provide them access to the material. Schedule a call with me to discuss

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! I believe 100% in what I’ve built and I know that it can help you change the way you run your business. Instead of worrying about whether this is a right fit for you, I offer a 100% money back guarantee. 

Yep. Even if you’ve gone through the course.

I’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked . . . there’s only one catch. . . you have to show up and do the work. That’s it. I’m sure you get that because I only want people who are 100% committed to growing your business by putting in the time to dismantle your mindset blocks and put in the strategic steps to grow.

Now, if you’ve gotten to this point and are still wondering if this is for you, here’s a quick check-list to help you decide.


  You’ve been bumping up against the same old story about why you haven’t reached your goals.

  You want to bust through the limiting beliefs and stories that keep you stuck in your comfort zone.

  You’re committed to fast-track your growth and breakthrough that ceiling (once and for all).

  You’re committed to implementing strategies and processes that will help take action.

  You like the idea of putting together mindset+strategy to get stuff done.

  You’ve proven you can attract clients, you just want to ensure that you’re taking the ones that will help your business thrive and grow.

  You don’t mind that I swear sometimes.

If that’s you, then join The Success Code – starting this January 3rd, 2023!

Still not sure, schedule a call and let’s talk about how this program can help you and your business grow!

If you’re ready to crack the code and find greater success while dismantling the mindset blocks that stand in your way, then it’s time for The Success Code.

Early Registration closes November 26th

Need Help Ordering or Have Questions?

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.