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Time is one of the biggest struggles every single person faces – it doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, an employee, a corporate executive, there isn’t a single person I’ve met in the last year that hasn’t at some point said they needed more time. But the truth is that many of us just can’t make the rigid rules of time management work. And there’s a good reason – I’ve often said that the problem with time begins with how we think about it, how we talk about it and how we focus on it. We come from time with a scarcity mindset and so, no matter what tools we apply – they just don’t work. So, what can we do? On today’s podcast episode, I sit down with holistic time coach (yes, even I didn’t know one existed) and talk about a better way for us to think about time and manage our time. Becca shares her personal story of how burnout and overwhelm impacted her and propelled her to help others who struggle with time and well – no time. This is a great episode for pretty much everyone so we can adopt a more healthy and workable relationship with time in our life and business. 

In this episode:

  • Becca’s newfound relationship with time. 4:32
  • Reframing scarcity mindset. 15:26
  • Internalized capitalism. 20:28
  • Time shame. 24:51
  • Toxic productivity. 29:21
  • Time disempowerment. 34:48
  • Closing remarks. 44:31

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