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On today’s Mindset First podcast, I want to tackle a topic I often address in private and group coaching sessions and my vision program but don’t always remember to talk about – and that’s stage of life. When it comes to building a business, most people talk about investing time, energy, money and more and it’s often talked about as equal – the ability to do so.

But the truth is that your stage of life can truly impact how much you’re able to give to your business and how you feel about it. And because stages of life change all the time, it’s important to recognize that your stage of life can almost have a bigger impact on growing your business than anything else. So, on today’s podcast, I talk about why some of the things you’re feeling about yourself or your business may have nothing to do with your business – but have more to do with where you are and how much you’re actually recognizing the impact of your life on your business.

This is one of those episodes that I hope gives you a new perspective on growth and maybe shifts some of the more negative or detrimental mindsets that are impacting your business growth.

In this episode:

The stages of life and how they impact you and your business. 0:00 – 4:22

The first stage of life – a young entrepreneur starting a business. 4:22 – 9:06

The second stage of life – how to balance your business and your kids. 9:07 – 17:32

The second stage of life, but without kids – focusing on your business and the head trash that appears. 17:32 – 20:58

Sandwich Phase: being sandwiched between generations. 20:58 -25:14

Where are you clinging to old stories and how can you let yourself and your business grow? 25:14 – 26:28

Trust the bumps in the road. 26:28


Unstoppable by Linda Perry

Workshop For Mom’s With Young Kids by Linda Perry


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