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If you’ve ever experienced the loss of a loved one, you know how disorienting it can be. For me, the last 11 years were marked with the loss of loved ones. My husband and I lost all four of our parents. I experienced the loss of people who were dear to me when I was young and also the loss of some hopes and dreams that my husband and I might be able to expand our family. Each one of those losses were extremely impactful on who I was and how I showed up – but none more than my dear mother who was my best friend, my confidant, my cheerleader, my rock.

So much of what I do and who I am was shaped by that loss 5 ½ years ago. It made me way more intentional. But it could have gone the other way – I could have gotten lost. I think the same is true for my guest today. When someone recommended I interview Raven Douglas for the Mindset First podcast, the one thing that struck me most about her was her willingness to talk about grief on her non-website (if you visit her website, you’ll know what I mean). Raven used the loss of her father to reinvent the way she worked with clients and how she works – in a way more intentional way. 

This is a powerful episode for anyone who has experienced a grief so deep that it breaks you into a million pieces – and how you can use that experience to rebuild something that feels way more authentic and honoring.  

In this episode:

Meeting Raven and learning about her backstory in her business. 0:00 – 4:08 

One year into Raven’s business. 4:08 – 8:25 

Raven’s first reactions to her personal grief. 8:27 – 12:08 

How to focus on yourself during grief and how it impacts your business. 13:33 – 18:58 

Raven’s personal story in grief and how it helped create her business. 18:58 – 24:26 

The permission to give yourself your own grieving process. 24:26-27:41 

The metaphor of the suitcase and what Raven did and didn’t bring with her into her business. 29:20 – 34:40 

Raven’s business choices positively affected the type of clients she works with. 36:38 – 40:05 

Raven set boundaries in her business to help scale, her business – her rules. 40:19 – 45-21

Raven’s past impacts her business by giving it intentionality. 45:43 – 48:54 

Where to connect with Raven. 48:54 – 50:58 


Raven’s email:

Raven’s website

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