Episode #71: How to Scale Your Business With Speaking With Jessica Rasdall

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Today on the Mindset First Podcast, I’m excited to share with you a woman I recently met live (I had been on her email list for a couple of years). Jessica Rasdall is a public speaking strategist who has such an easy manner that you can’t help fall in love with her – off stage and on.

I wanted to have Jessica on to talk about how to use speaking to scale your business because it’s a tool that so many business owners think of as a nice to have or offshoot of their main marketing tools. But Jessica is a big believer that speaking can help you make a bigger impact and help you grow faster than most other forms of marketing.

Today on the podcast we talk about how to use speaking to scale and how you can make this an integral part of your strategy – especially when it comes to building the know-like-trust that allows people to purchase from you. This episode is a must-listen for any business owner who is ready to scale your business and wants to explore the idea of speaking as a means to getting to the next level! I love Jessica’s insights and some of the surprising information she shares.

In this episode:

How did Jessica get here? 3:44

Jessica’s journey to success through speaking. 3:44 – 9:04

Speaking is an important tool to not only get yourself out there, but to grow your business! 9:04 – 13:31

Speaking creates greater impact than we, the speaker, can see. 13:31 – 20:42

Speaking helps you scale your business faster. 20:42 – 31:01

Speaking has changed since Covid-19… 31:01 – 33:49

Where should your focus be when you’re trying to scale? 33:49 – 40:35

Where you can find Jessica. 40:35 – 42:13


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Jessica’s Website

Jessica’s Instagram


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