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Welcome to this week’s episode of the Mindset First Podcast. I’m excited to share with you my friend Bryan, and Bryan and I have a great conversation in this episode about how to use existentialism to move your business forward. It really is about how you use existentialism to make better choices…

And Bryan got me thinking how even I sometimes haven’t stood in the power of my choice making. This is a great episode if you feel like you’re somewhere where you’re stuck or you struggle to make the choices you need, and feel overwhelmed even by the choices you have in your business.

Tune in. I’m excited to hear from you what you think about it.


In this episode…

Bryan Grover on existentialism and what it has to do with your business. 0:00

Choosing the things that excite you most, for you. 7:13

Defining existentialism – in and out of your business. 9:10

Utilizing existentialism in your business. 15:42

The ability to choose. 21:54

Finding your purpose through existentialism. 28:08

Why bad things don’t just have to keep happening – through the view of existentialism. 34:32



Soren Kierkegaard Philosophy.

Sartre and Camus on existentialism.

Rahel Jaeggi Alienation.

Trevor Moawad It Takes What It Takes: How To Think Neutrally and Gain Control Of Your Life.

Dose of Existentialism.



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