Episode #103: How Childhood Bullying Impacts Your Business Growth

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Today’s topic is one I wanted to tackle because it keeps coming up more and more in the groups I lead and the conversations I hold with clients – can childhood bullying impact your business growth.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the connections of our childhood pains to our current business predicaments, but this week on the podcast I wanted to address how deep wounds that result from childhood bullying can keep you from having everything you really want.

This is important if you were picked on, bullied or even just felt different from others because it can be truly hard to implement the four key pillars of growth if you’re still sitting in fear of others! I hope this opens up some ability to create space and growth for you this week.


In this episode…

How childhood bully keeps you from having everything you want in your business. 0:00

The commitment we make to ourselves as children. 5:55

Where those commitments pop up in your business. 9:00

Looking at how bullying really is holding you back in your business. 15:00

Make one bold choice. 17:36


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