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So, if you’ve hung out with me and listened to this podcast before, you know that I love talking about fear. Not because I have some dark fixation around it – but really because I know how much fear can dictate choices and limit growth. I personally struggled with so many fears that held me back from really achieving my full potential for years and years – so, once I understood how to break free – it felt a bit like a miracle I had to keep sharing.

Today on the podcast, I talk about how our first natural inclination with fear is to pivot or paralyze and how both can be detrimental to growth. I share why this happens and how you can start to shift from either position into intentional action that aligns with your vision and builds greater things.

So, if you’re someone in either of these two camps – or if you’re not sure, but experience a lot of fear – this episode is for you.


In this episode…

The first inclination with fear: pivot or paralyze. 0:00

What does pivoting mean? 2:50

Standing in your own greatness challenges the pivots. 5:54

The questions you need to ask yourself in order to crack your own success code. 6:46

Looking at the business owner paralyzed by fear. 9:45

The micro-step. 12:51

Rumi’s guest house. 16:28



Rumi’s Guest House


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