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This is one of those topics I could address on my own, but I wanted to bring someone else in to talk a bit more in depth about how much mindset and specifically your core limiting beliefs impact your business growth. I decided to invite my own daughter to sit down and talk about this because she offers the perspective of a young, newer business owner and also employee (something we all need to consider if we’re building a team). And I wanted to share some of the core beliefs that still show up for me as a seasoned business owner.

We talk about how our beliefs show up in various aspects of our business and strategies you can use to identify your core beliefs and take action against them. Understanding how core beliefs actually hold you back from making more money, finding time for yourself and living in your freedom is an essential first step to creating a framework that finally has you stepping over blocks and getting to what you want. 

If you’ve been feeling stuck in your business, but are unsure what beliefs are holding you back from making progress, keeping you in perfectionist loops or even people pleasing to your own detriment . . . This episode is eye opening. I’m excited to share this with you.


In this episode…

Linda introduces Maya Stojkovich (again) to co-host a discussion around the stages of business. 0:00

What even are limiting beliefs and where do they show up? 4:46

How to figure out your core beliefs and what’s really stopping you in your business. 20:39

The stages of being an entrepreneur. 25:40

How do you know if it’s a belief or reality? 33:55

Grandma said what?! 38:56

Visibility, offers and sales, and, lastly, execution. 41:59


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