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One of the things you’re always looking to do as a business owner is gain an advantage over the competition. You can do it by being better than others, you can do it through marketing . . . but did you know you can also create an advantage by understanding mindset?

The truth is that when we understand how we block our own growth (and free ourselves from those blocks) and some of the mindset blocks our potential customers face we can talk to them in a whole new way that not only improves our sales process – but also our ability to deliver exactly what our customers want and need. This isn’t about manipulation, but really about creating an advantage that meets both your desires and your customer’s needs.

The truth is that so many businesses aren’t successful because they’re talking past each other like ships in the night – but understanding how you’re showing up and where your customers are coming from can be a game changer when it comes to communication and your overall confidence and success!

In this episode:

What is mindset and how does it play into your business 0:00 – 4:33

How mindset is the silent partner in your business. 4:33 – 11:54

What are your mindset blocks and how do they hurt your business? 11:54-16:18

The four key areas to overcome mindset blocks. 16:24-19:38

How overcoming mindset blocks and partnering with a positive mindset builds your business. 19:38


Mindset Advantage


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