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Let’s be honest – most service providers hate having to work on their own marketing because the truth is that they’d rather be doing their craft – whether that’s a coach who would rather be guiding her clients, a lawyer who wants to work on her next case, even a marketer who wants to help others become more visible, marketing can feel like work.

Especially if the tactics aren’t aligned with how you’re showing up as a service provider. In fact old marketing tactics focused on fear and scarcity and manipulation. And for many that doesn’t feel good. Which is why when I heard what copywriter and consultant and launch master Ry Schwartz was up to with ethical launch strategies, I had to have him on to talk about it. I’m a huge fan of what he’s up to because it’s really all about connection, integrity and using your strengths to sell.

This is a powerful episode for anyone who is looking to market your business a way that feels more aligned with who you are and want to be.


In this episode:

  • Ry’s start in the world of copywriting. 4:00
  • Empowering clients through your launch marketing. 9:45
  • What is an ethical launch? 13:20
  • Remembering who really makes up your audience. 18:10
  • Is your launch using persuasion or manipulation? 21:15
  • The practical difference between old marketing tactics and more ethical methods. 27:00
  • The combination of intimacy and marketing. 32:45
  • Having your own boundaries around your time and your clients. 35:30
  • Considering voice of prospect research, not just voice of customer research. 41:25
  • How Ry’s launch copy has evolved over the years. 43:20


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