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Episode 60 – Show Notes  

One of the biggest challenges every single one of us has as an entrepreneur is getting more clients. Whether we’re promoting our one-on-one services or a group program, we need something that’s going to work – over and over again. I think why business owners struggle so much is that we try to use methods that others promote, but we don’t really know how to adapt it for ourselves or our audience. So, we end up having lackluster results – and then think what’s wrong with us.  

This happens so often, especially in the area of cold-pitching or simply pitching clients. Which is why I wanted to tackle the subject of pitching clients (and even yourself) again and talk with my friend Laura Lopuch (who is a cold email and pitch expert) about why we need to focus on our mindset and BE the problem solver instead of the sales person in each one of our new contacts. This is an important episode for you if you want more clients, want to get on stage or really just be more visible in your business. 

In this episode: 

  • Introduction. 0:00  
  • Laura’s Personal Journey Developing Her Business. 4:22.73 
  • What is cold emailing, what does she do. 8:03.09 
  • The fear of rejection and staying persistent. 10:07.35 
  • Why is cold emailing important? 14:18.73 
  • The excitement of putting yourself out there. 16:39.80 
  • Who are you pitching to? 20:16.24 
  • Money mindset, the customer mindset. 24:14.17 
  • Cold pitching with Video. 26:09.92 
  • The relevancy method. 28:51.66 
  • How to use cold pitching as a part of your sales funnel. 32:03.63 
  • Burnout. 38:59.02 
  • When to keep reaching out, when to give up. 40:33.25 
  • How to get started. 43:24.93 

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