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There is nothing better than a good story to pull people in. I know I’m a sucker for a good story and love anyone who elevates storytelling to an art form. Yet most of us get stuck in the mindset that our story isn’t good enough, important enough, different enough to garner attention or help us share who we are. So, instead we hide or remain uncomfortable sharing who we are. Because I often surround myself with marketers, lawyers, writers, interesting business owners and creatives, I am lucky to have learned some great techniques surrounding storytelling – but get that this is a place that too many business owners get stuck – so on today’s podcast I wanted to share with you Amy Collins, story guide, email maverick and comedian. It’s been fun to watch this last part of her story come out. Amy shares with all of us how to tap into that part of us that is interesting and how we can use it to create better connections with those we serve. 

In this episode:

  • Amy’s backstory. 3:46
  • Power of storytelling. 12:34
  • Curiosity in interviewing. 19:07
  • Communicating in emails. 27:13
  • Drawing the line when being vulnerable. 30:52
  • Purposeful storytelling. 35:25
  • The importance of delivery. 36:33
  • Closing remarks, what’s next for Amy. 46:21

Where to Find Amy:

  • Social: @thereal_amycollins – Instagram
  • Linkedin:

References from this episode:

  • Your Digital Success Blueprint:

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