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Today in the podcast, I’m taking a bit of a different turn.

I’m always about how do we fill our toolbox with things that help us get a better understanding of who we are, how we can grow and how we can move past feeling stuck and a little-known secret about me is that I kind of love astrology. And I have, since I was a kid before. I was highly influenced by my mom.

So today on the podcast I invited a wonderful expert. Her name is Jennifer Racioppi and she is going to share with us some of the ins and outs around astrology and how it can be used as a tool helping you grow, helping you heal and to truly move yourself to the next level.

This is a fun episode and Jennifer helps us demystify some of the pieces around astrology, and it helps us realize that it is more than just reading your horse group. It can be a tool to think about. When it comes to your next big step, your growth and how you’re putting yourself out in the world. So, I hope you enjoy this episode. 

In this episode: 

Introduction 0:00.00-4:29.85 

Jennifer’s Journey: 4:29.85-9:18.56  

What is Healing? 9:48.14-12:20.54 

Seasons of Growth: 13:17.49-17:20.66 

Astrology and the Deep Self: 17:44.60-19:06.60 

Horoscopes as a Method for Understanding:  19:06.60-22:48.18 

Personal Growth: 23:25.79-27:44.88 

Cosmically Healthy: 27:44.88-32:41.48 

Get to our Goals: 33:42.28-36:46.17 

How Jennifer Works With People: 36:46.17-39:18.41 


Cosmic Health   







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