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Episode 62 


So, I thought devoting an entire month to the topic of sales would be enough. Turns out I was wrong. Which is why I’m adding a few more episodes on the topic. The truth is that the biggest thing we all struggle with as business owners is getting more sales. I don’t care if you’re brand new or a seasoned veteran, a consultant or a marketer. We all would love more sales and the ability to shorten the sales cycle. The truth is that most people don’t buy from you right away. Sometimes it can take up to two years of being on your email list or in your circle before someone can buy from you – but you need money today! So, how do you shorten this sales cycle and get a flow of business coming through your door. Today I sit down with sales turn around specialist Jeremy DeMerchant to talk about how we all as business owners can shorten our sales cycle whether we have a team or not. Jeremy is a powerhouse energy who has a passion for sales and a formula for shortening your sales cycle – no matter who you are. Besides the fact that I felt immediately connected to Jeremy because we share a birthday, I really appreciate Jeremy’s easy-to-grasp methods of talking about sales! I’m excited for you to tune in and keep building your sales strategy toolbox. 

In This Episode:  

  • Introduction: 0:00.00-4:13.51 
  • Sales at 14: 4:13.51-8:01.68 
  • Enthusiasm As Your Pitch: 8:36.66-10:03.54 
  • The Mindset of Sales Calls: 10:03.54-16:23.14 
  • Difference Between Selling and Helping: 16:23.14-18:36.45 
  • Shortening Sales Call: 18:36.45-23:33.19 
  • Momentum and the Permission Concept: 23:33.19-40:08.93 
  • Move to a Sales Team: 40:08.93-43:12.55 
  • Conclusion: 43:12.55-45:00.78