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On today’s episode of the Mindset First Podcast, I sit down with Molly Vaile for an enlightening conversation about how mentorship can boost your growth. Molly has a unique background where she’s worked for over twenty years at the intersection of marketing, strategy and operations, incubating new ideas to drive growth at startups, middle-market and Fortune 500 companies alike.

She’s spent time working for the Olympics, companies like JP Morgan and now owns her own business helping CEOs realize their vision and each step of the way, Molly has leaned on mentors to help her expand – both personally and in her business. What fascinated me about this conversation is how we always think about mentorship perhaps as something good for our business – we don’t realize that it doesn’t have to be a single person and that it can expand even into your personal life.

Molly shares how to think about getting your own mentor, breaking through your mindset concerns and how you can even get started if you’re thinking about mentoring others. I love this as an idea about how to grow and scale your business that is a little different than what you might have imagined! I’m excited to share this thoughtful conversation with you!

In this episode:

  • What is a mentor? 5:30
  • Differentiating between the friends and the mentors in your support network. 9:45
  • How to go about asking someone to become your mentor. 14:30
  • When is the right time to think about having a mentor? 16:45
  • The benefits of having more than one mentor. 19:30
  • The growth opportunities that come with having a mentor. 26:00
  • How to move past your mindset blocks and pursue mentorship. 33:00

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