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This week on the Mindset First podcast, I’m doing something a little bit different. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you can make the changes that you need to grow your business. There’s so much that’s getting in the way every day. There’s client work, family demands, all of the things that keep you from growing your own business.

I decided this week to bring you a few of the success stories from some of my students who have taken my Scale for Success program. They talk about what mindset aspects have made a difference in their life and their business and how they’ve learned to grow by writing their own business playbook, and truly advancing their business in a new way.

These three amazing women talk about what their business was like before. And I promise, you’re going to find some similarities with what’s happening in your business now. I sat down and interviewed them to hear a little bit about how every day, people can change their business and make a bigger impact on the world.

Tune in to this week’s episode, and I hope it’ll inspire you to make some shifts.


Nicola Moors:

  • Facing resistance to scaling. 6:00
  • Shifting priorities in your business to focus on your own growth. 8:15
  • How recognizing your resistance can shift your mindset. 10:15

Patti Haus:

  • Confronting myths about scaling. 15:45
  • Giving yourself permission to scale in your own way. 18:45
  • The group experience of Scale for Success. 22:00

Bree Weber:

  • Learning to believe in the importance of mindset. 26:15
  • Reflecting on the shifts that a mindset focus can create in your business. 30:15
  • Creating a vision for your business. 33:45
  • Working on mindset within a group setting. 39:45


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