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Today on the podcast, I have an important question that I want to ask you. Whose playbook are you following to grow your business? Are you following a path the experts carved out for you? Or perhaps do you feel a little like me in the early days? Just winging it and following what feels good, but not really creating any momentum.

One of the things I learned about scaling is that many of us feel stuck and don’t create the momentum we want because we’re so busy trying to follow a conscious or subconscious or even unconscious playbook that was handed to us that we think we need to follow. The truth is, from the time that we were young, we were told that there’s a certain way to do things, that there’s always some authority to follow. And unfortunately, many of us are still busy building our business to mirror what we think we should be doing rather than checking in with ourselves.

So in this episode, I tackle what it means to follow a pre-written playbook and how you can break through it to better scale your business and build momentum while following something that feels right for you. Tune in.


In this episode:

  • What do we mean when we talk about scaling? 2:45
  • The resistance that comes up when we consider scaling in our own business. 5:00
  • What causes so many of us to feel “stuck” in our businesses. 8:30
  • Identifying the stories in your head and the playbooks you may already be following. 14:00
  • How to start writing your own playbook. 19:00


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