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Is it possible that feelings are the key to helping your business grow? In this episode of The Mindset First Podcast, I sit down with Career Therapist and Coach, Bryn Johnson to talk about how to get ahead by connecting with what you love.

Bryn has over 30 years of corporate experience in advocating career mobility and management issues on behalf of professionals. She has always thought of career and business trajectory as an exercise into delving into the things that block us from being a more effective leader and business person.

In this podcast Bryn shares her expertise around the things that hold us back from building an intentional business. We talk about regret, feelings, second guessing and how do you not choke on the business you built. She also talks about how you can abandon the corporate or employee mindset so that you can enjoy what you’re doing more!

This episode is like having your own career coach for your business in your pocket!


In this episode:

  • The mindset around emotion that we carry into our own businesses. 6:15
  • The “shoulds” we pressure ourselves with and how those impact our businesses. 12:30
  • Warning signs to look out for before burning yourself out. 18:45
  • How to work through your own resistance to change. 28:00
  • The value of exploring your emotions surrounding your business. 34:00
  • What’s coming up for people during this pandemic. 39:45


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