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In this episode I wanted to dive into a topic that I think is impacting so many of us – as business owners and individuals. And it’s one we may dismiss as oh – it’s the times, we’ll move through this, but it’s one that can lead to deeper feelings so, I wanted to bring it up here… now. And that is disconnection.

More and more of my clients are sharing with me that they’re feeling disconnected – and not just from others, but themselves. They’re feeling like they can’t really tap into a part of themselves that is essential for growing as a person and as a business.

So, this week I wanted to take a deeper dive and really talk about what’s behind this feeling and what you can do to tap into deeper connection with yourself once again.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The feeling of disconnect and how it may be impacting you and your business. 3:00
  • How does disconnect happen? 11:00
  • What drives disconnect? 16:00
  • How to change your perspective and regain your power. 18:00


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