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Today’s episode is going to shake up so much for you when it comes to what you think it takes to build success. I first met Eman Zabi in a mastermind probably three years ago now. Eman’s story today is one that demonstrates that you don’t have to follow a traditional route to build the business of your dreams.

But what you do need is vision or rather a domination plan.

Eman is the founder of The Scribesmith, a launch copywriting agency that specializes in research based strategy and conversion copy for digital products. As a part of The Scribesmith’s umbrella she created the conversion kits, brainstorming decks to help entrepreneurs raise conversion rates, and Terrain – a course marketplace that hosts and markets high quality courses for entrepreneurs, allowing course creators to focus on what they do best. Share their expertise while Terrain handles the rest.

In today’s conversation we talk about how she got started in her business, why she needed a domination plan, and how it’s helped anchor her business as she’s built this marketing agency. We’ll also talk about the fact that you don’t have to work every mindset piece in order to scale your business and grow. Eman is a truly humble person and I really hope that you get the chance to know her, follow her work and enjoy this episode.

“The part I like most about being a business owner is the part that lets me innovate and create and build.”

Eman Zabi


In this episode we talk about:

  • Eman’s experience going directly from college into a copywriting career. 3:45
  • How to begin expanding and evolving your business. 8:20
  • Overcoming the mindset challenges around visibility and building a brand. 15:20
  • The Domination Plan and the importance of having fun in your business. 18:00
  • How to actively invest in your mindset as you continue to grow. 27:45
  • Terrain and what this platform means for courses and course creators. 33:30


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