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How much are your constant thoughts, worries and fears holding you back from building an intentional business? One where you have the ability to choose the clients you want to work with, the flexibility to work how you want and earn more money than you imagined. If you’re struggling with mindset challenges and keep bumping into the same patterns, then you’ll want to tune in. This is my kick-off episode where I share with you why this podcast is for you if you’re ready to unlock freedom and find greater success – now! 

In this episode we talk about: 

  • What does Mindset First mean1:10  
  • What you can expect from this podcast. 4:10 
  • What it means to truly be an Intentional Entrepreneur 6:00 
  • Understand what kind of entrepreneur you are: 
  • Frantic Freelancer 8:25 
  • Emerging Entrepreneur 10:00 
  • Growth Stage Entrepreneur 11:40 
  • Why you should listen to Linda (background). 16:30 
  • Freebies, upcoming guests, and what to expect in future episodes. 20:00 

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