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After my interview with Per Andreasen on why mindset strategies sometimes don’t work with people who have ADHD (episode #111), I was flooded with comments from people who felt like they had been seen for the first time. People who have various challenges from anxiety to being on the spectrum – and how that impacts them in both business and in life. I personally have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks (it can literally feel like you have a gun to your head when no real danger exists). Remaining present can feel impossible when your brain can’t seem to shut off – let alone do the things necessary to build momentum and create change. Add to that the fact that you don’t feel very understood by the world, it can feel impossible to accomplish what you truly desire. On today’s podcast, I brought on Gillian Jones to talk about what it means to live life as a female on the spectrum – in life, work and business. Gillian’s honest portrayal of life as it was before her diagnosis and how she lives life now will hopefully help someone who might be struggling to manage life and not sure why. She shares how things like radical acceptance and meditation have helped her, but she’s still figuring out what works – as we all are. 

In this episode:

  • Gillian’s personal diagnosis. 4:24
  • What is being on the spectrum? 9:08
  • Masking. 17:44
  • Gillian’s advantages. 21:39
  • Radical acceptance. 26:01
  • Challenges as an autistic business owner. 34:09
  • Closing remarks. 36:48


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