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You know those people that you instantly connect with and know you’ll get along with in ways you never thought? That was today’s guest for me. Rachel Greiman and I met in a mastermind several years ago and what struck me was how open and honest she was, funny and that she had struggled with money in a bit of an untraditional way – you see Rachel had no problem setting up her business to make money. In fact, she still does. It’s almost as if making money would be natural for her – but underneath it all, she struggles with making money, letting go of money and not seeing herself as bad for having money. She grew up in a very patriarchal society where she was taught that women had a very different role than the one she has taken on – and while she’s moved on from that society, she has found that she struggled for some time with money mindset on a daily basis. Add to that she’s an Enneagram 2 who needs everyone to like her, and boom – it’s a recipe for head trash. Rachel agreed to come share her story because I think it’s one that is echoed more than we think. I know you’ll enjoy her honesty and powerful story.


In this episode:

  • Rachel’s money mindset. 4:19
  • Implications of being an Enneagram 2. 6:09
  • Growing up Mennonite. 9:59
  • Motherhood and entrepreneurship. 18:48
  • Proving it to yourself. 39:11
  • Having nice things for yourself. 42:18


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