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Today on the podcast, I have the pleasure of interviewing Bree Weber. Bree is somebody that I’ve been able to watch transform using the Mindset First approach in the way she has grown her business. Bree is a copywriter who specializes in launch copy and cold pitching. Today she talks about how she’s used the Mindset First approach to grow her version of her business and stand in her superpower.

She also talks about how important cold pitching has been to grow her business. Now she’s teaching others how to use cold pitching to reach out to a broader audience and build the relationships with the audience they want to work with. Bree talks about how her framework is different from everyone else’s and how you too can apply her framework to building your business using cold pitching.

It’s an important episode for me, particularly, because it shows how Mindset First can help you tune into exactly what you’re supposed to be doing in your business and growing your business in the way that you want to grow it.


In this episode:

  • Transitioning into entrepreneurship and choosing a direction. 6:00
  • Shifting your mindset to grow your business. 11:30
  • What a Mindset First approach can do for you and your business. 14:30
  • Exploring ethical cold pitching and how it can help you grow your business quickly. 22:00
  • How to overcome your fears around cold pitching. 27:00
  • Building confidence through cold pitching. 34:15


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