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This week is Thanksgiving here in the United States and I wanted to talk about a topic that you hear a lot about during this time of the year and show you how you can use it to grow your business. So, the truth is, there’s tons of talk now and in the holidays about gratitude. And you probably already know how gratitude can help you have a more positive outlook and improve your personal life.

But did you know that gratitude can really help you get past some of the worst head trash and even tap into some of the better strategies that you need to grow your business? The truth is gratitude is actually not in our nature. We tend to be tied up in all of those primal fears, remain on guard and focus deeply on the most negative things that happen in our life and in our business.

It’s a lens that we’ve gotten to be used to, but what if you could retrain your brain? What if you could retrain the pathways that go dark and instead tap into a wealth of gratitude to help you grow. So, this episode of the Mindset First podcast focuses on real and practical ways gratitude can help you grow.

This is not about sugar coating or thinking positively about things because as we all know, positive thinking has its limitations. This is a practice you can adopt and really, what better time to start to think about it?  When the world leaves us in a state of “what’s next” every day, gratitude is there to support you.

So, I hope you tune in, let go of all of the rush this week and let’s see how gratitude can be good for your business.


In this episode we talk about:

  • What is gratitude and why don’t we talk about it in business? 4:00
  • Adjusting the lens through which you see your business. 6:00
  • How gratitude can impact your business relationships. 11:15
  • How gratitude helps you carry out your vision. 15:15
  • How to put gratitude into place in your business. 20:00


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