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So, when I was revamping my podcast to have more meaningful conversations about mindset and how we can truly become greater versions of ourselves, I immediately knew I wanted to have my friend, master coach and best-selling author Nancy Levin come back to the podcast. She has just released a new book called The Art of Change and I’ve invited Nancy back to talk a bit about what it really takes to create the change we want – but also, what does it really take to take the initial leap into what we most want. Nancy also walks us through her pillars of reinvention and shares some great insights on how you can begin to get to where you want to go.


In this episode…

Nancy Levin and the Art of Change. 0:00

Underlying commitments and being misaligned with your goals for change. 10:24

Change = Vision + Choice + Action. 13:38

The motivation to create change in your life. 15:46

Is there an art to change? 19:42

The definition of reinvention and how you can begin the process of reinvention. 24:29

The choices we make. 33:08

What action is the best action? 35:41

The best mindset nugget. 40:09



Worthy by Nancy Levin

The Art of Change by Nancy Levin

Levin Life Coach Academy (LLCA)


Worthy by Nancy Levin

The Art of Change by Nancy Levin



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